Life in Minnesota
The next documentation for Kjell and Jensina was the Minnesota Census of 1875, where the couple have taken the names Kettie (age 36 recorded, but probably 46) and Celia (age 31) and are in Richland Township, Rice County, Minnesota, near Kenyon, MN. The children are listed as:
Jens age 12,
Andrew Karl (Ole Andreas) age 10, and
Hans age 8.  These are the children born in Norway.
In addition,
Ingeborg (called Isabel) age 6, and
Caroline (called Lena)   age 3  have been born since coming to Minnesota.
The U.S.Census of 1880 documents Kittel (age 50) and Jensena (age 37) to be at the same farm as above, with family:
Andrew age 16
Hans age 12
Ingeborg (now called Essebell) age  9
Caroline (now called Carolina) age  7
Ole age  5
Carl (now called Charlie) age  3
Lewis age  9 months
The Minnesota Census of 1885 is the last chance to document Kjell and Jensina’s family as a unit, with the names used:
Kette (Kjell) age 55
Jennie (Jensina) age 42
James (Jens)     Gone to Georgetown
Andrew Karl (A.K.) Gone to Georgetown
Hans age 18
Ingeborg (Isabel) age 14
Caroline (Carrie)age 12
Ole age 8
Charlie (Carl) age 7
Lewis age 4
Henry age 2
Clara Julia age 1
Three years later, on June 17th, 1888, Jensina passed away at age 44. She is thought to be buried in Moland Cemetery in Steele County, MN.
Within the next ten years, major changes occur as documented by the Minnesota 1895 Census:
Kjell (Kittle) (age 60) married Barbro (Betsy) Flom (age 48) and presumably moved onto the Flom farm.
         (Barbro’s first husband had died after being kicked by a horse.)
Ole (age 20) and Clara Julia (age 11) are with Kjell and Barbro.
Martin (age 4) and possibly Fred (2 months) have been born to Kjell and Barbro.
The remainder of the family has left the Richland Township farm:
Ingeborg (Emma) married Andrew Frydenlund and moved to a farm in Walcott Township (Rice Co),
Caroline (Lena) married Ole Flom and they were living on a farm in Merton Township (Steele Co),
Carl (age 17) has gotten a job on a farm in Georgetown Township, Clay County, MN,
Lewis (age 14) is living on Jen’s farm in Georgetown Township, Clay County, MN, and
Henry (age 12) is living on A.K.’s farm in Georgetown Township, Clay County, MN.
Kjell died on 7/24/1899 at the age of 69.   He is also thought to be buried in Moland Cemetery in Steele County, MN.
Ole (age 24) moved to Georgetown Township to join A.K. and Hannah.  Clara Julia (age 15) moved to Faribault to live with her sister Ingeborg (now called Emma). Obviously, names were quite variable in their early years in Minnesota!
Andrew Karl (A.K.) is thought to have been part of a grain threshing family business, and spent the late summer and fall months doing contract threshing for farmers in western Minnesota. Immigration papers show that he applied for citizenship first in Polk County on April 26, 1884, and again in Clay County on February 26, 1886. He received his citizenship on January 24, 1890.
Hannah Hanson was born on June 6, 1867, in Malvik, Norway, just east of Trondheim. She came from Norway in late 1888 from the port of Trondheim on a steamship named DOMINO (rather than a sailing ship), and was destined for Ada, MN. It was probably a chance meeting for A.K. with Hannah Hanson, who was employed perhaps as a hotel cleaning girl, or as a family nanny after her arrival. They were married in Clay County on March 3rd, 1890, with his brother, Jens, and Jen’s wife, Olena, as witnesses.
From Inez Bendson Trull’s notes: “Hannah and Andrew farmed in the Georgetown area in Clay County (in the Red River Valley, between the Wild Rice River and the Buffalo River). Their farm is thought to have been located east of Georgetown on Co.Rd. 34, and north on Co. Rd. 11, from what my parents remember.”
The Minnesota Census of 1895 documents them to be on a farm in Georgetown Township, Clay County.
Andrew is documented as having been in Minnesota 26 years (from 1869) and in Clay County for 8 years (from 1887). Andrew was 28 years of age and Hannah was 24.  Three children were also there with them – Emma (age 6), Karl (age 4), and Tilda (age 1).  A.K.’s brother, Karl (age 17) had joined them to assist on the farm.
The 1900 U.S Census documents them to be at the same location, with the children as noted above, but with three additional children: Alfred (age 4), Arthur (age 2) and Clara (just born).  In addition, A.K.’s brothers, Ole (age 25) and Henry (age 18) were living on the farm.
From Inez Bendson Trull’s notes:
“Hannah did not like the wind, the winters, or the storms out in the prairie country in the western part of the state, which is very flat. They bought a 190-acre farm in Meadow Brook Township, Cass County, in 1903. The winters weren’t any warmer there, but at least the house was protected by a grove of trees.”  
“Cousin Olive Nordstrom told me that when the Hanson Family moved to Cass County, they walked and herded the cattle the entire 150 miles. I imagine that the household furnishings were transported by horse and wagon, since there were no cars at that time.”
“Andrew returned to the Red River Valley every summer for years and did threshing with his steam threshing machine for farmers in the area. The remainder of the year, he farmed in Cass County. They also raised potatoes and hauled them to Motley to sell them in the fall.”
“…Andrew paid $10 an acre for the farm, and saved money until he could pay the lump sum of $1900 all at one time.”
The 1905 Minnesota Census records A.K and Hannah in Cass County with all the children noted above, plus newborns Mabel (age 2) and Edith (age 6 months).
The U. S. Census of 1910 documents the children still at home with A.K. and Hannah in Meadow Brook Township:
Emma Josephine age 19     B.   9/15/1890
Carl Helmer age 18B.   2/13/1892
Tilla Lillian age 16B. 12/19/1893
Henry Alfred age 14B.   3/04/1896
Arthur Coleman age 12B.   3/23/1898
Clara Louise age 9  B.   5/27/1900
Mabel Oline age 7  B.   7/14/1902
 Edith Sophie age 5  B. 11/02/1904
William Josephage 3  B.   1/12/1907
Myrtle Caroline age 1  B.   3/24/1909
The list above includes all ten children born to A.K. and Hannah during a 20-year period.  Only Walter had not yet been born in 1910 – he was born on 8/12/1912.
By the 1920 U.S. Census, Emma, Carl, and Tilla have left home, and Willy had died of Polio (1912).   Similarly, by the 1930 U.S. Census, Alfred, Arthur, Clara, Mabel, and Edith had left home, and only Myrtle and Walter remain with A.K. (age 65) and Hannah (age 62).
The 1930’s brought two very sad events:
1)Hannah died in her sleep on December 12, 1933, of a sudden heart attack.   She was remembered as warm, hospitable, caring, and people liked and trusted her.
2)Walter was killed on April 19, 1937, in a farm accident when a team of horses panicked and ran away catching him under the machinery he was using to till the field in the spring.
In 1941, Alfred bought the farm from his father, and lived there for many years.
From Inez Bendson Trull’s notes:  “Andrew was a tall, slender, and straight man. He had blue eyes, and his dark thick hair did not turn gray until his late years, when it turned all white. He had a natural talent for music, played the violin, and had a good strong voice. In his later years, Andrew stayed with various children at their homes. He was living with Mabel in Minneapolis, MN, just prior to his death. He had had stomach surgery, but died April 23, 1955, at the University Hospital as a result of pneumonia, after a two week stay in the hospital.” He died at the age of 90. 
Andrew Karl and Hannah are buried in the Swan Valley Cemetery, Meadow Brook Township, Leader, Minnesota.
-Inez Bendson Trull's Notes
"Andrew paid $10 an acre for the farm, and saved money until he could pay the lump sum of $1900 all at one time."